Knobs Flat

Knobs Flat

Another stop within the beautiful Eglinton Valley, Knobs Flat was the site where the workers building the road to Milford Sound (including the Homer Tunnel) camped up until the 1980s. Today it’s a useful stop on the way to the fiord, offering accommodation, information and facilities.

Most importantly, Knobs Flat is the site of the last flush toilets until you arrive at Milford Sound. As a result, if you’re visiting Knobs Flat on a Milford Sound day tour, you will probably make a rest stop here.

Knobs Flat of Eglinton Valley
Knobs Flat of Eglinton Valley viewpoint on the Milford Sound highway, Fiordland

There is a public telephone at Knobs Flat if you need it. There are also interesting information panels about the wildlife of the Eglinton Valley, and about avalanches in the area.

If you’re driving to Milford Sound, Knobs Flat is a good place to stop and check the Milford Sound road conditions. This is also a good place to attach your snow chains if the need arises.

You can camp at Knobs Flat, and if you’re staying later there are many walks in the area, as well as opportunities for fishing and bird watching.

From the Knobs Flat Visitor Centre you can look across the road and see a series of small hills, decreasing in size. These are the result of the last of the glaciers carving its way through the valley over the years.