Milford Road Highlights

Highlights of the Milford Road

The Milford Road (also known as State Highway 94) is much more than a way to get to Milford Sound. It’s an unforgettable journey into the heart of Fiordland National Park, and just as impressive as the destination itself. Find out about the top Milford Road highlights on the pages below.

The road to Milford Sound passes through stunning landscapes including mountain ranges, glacier-carved valleys, clear blue lakes and native rainforest. It follows a path originally travelled by the Māori people, who journeyed by foot over the mountains to Milford Sound as early as 1,000 years ago to hunt, fish and search for pounamu.

During your trip to Milford Sound you’ll cross the Main Divide of the Southern Alps and pass through valleys, alongside pristine lakes and rivers and thick native bush. At its highest point, the Milford Road is 940 metres (3,083 feet) above sea level.

Scenic Drive to Milford Sound
Landscape along Milford Sound highway, Fiordland National Park

If you’re driving to Milford Sound check out our travel tips – otherwise, if you’re travelling on a Milford Sound tour your driver will most likely stop at these highlights so you can stretch your legs and take some photos.

The first part of the journey from Queenstown takes you past the Remarkables mountain range and along the shores of Lake Wakatipu. The road winds along the Devil’s Staircase as you travel south towards Kingston, the small town at the end of the lake famous as the home of the Kingston Flyer, a vintage steam train.

Passing through fields of rocky debris left as the last of the glaciers marched through thousands of years ago, we cross over into the Southland region and quintessential rural New Zealand terrain. Keep an eye out for deer farms as we travel through tiny rural towns on the way into Te Anau.

Milford Road Highlights

Experience one of the most scenic drives in New Zealand

Jetty in Te Anau, New Zealand
Te Anau

The first stop on the road to Milford Sound if you’re starting from Queenstown, this charming lakeside town is popular with visitors planning to explore Fiordland National Park.

Eglinton Valley
Eglinton Valley

The slow march of the glaciers carved out this alpine valley eons ago – now it’s the perfect place to stop, stretch your legs and marvel at the scenery on the way to Milford Sound.

Panoramic of Mirror Lakes, New Zealand.
Mirror Lakes

One of the key highlights of the Milford Road – have your camera ready for this unmissable photo opportunity!

Landscape of Knobs flat at New Zealand
Knobs Flat

Another beautiful and historic stopping point within the Eglinton Valley.

Monkey Creek
Monkey Creek

If you’re looking for clean, green New Zealand, this is it – drink pure alpine water from the stream.

Entrance to the Homer Tunnel in New Zealand's Fiordland National
Homer Tunnel

This 1.2km-long tunnel runs under the mountains and was carved out by hand – it’s the only road access into Milford Sound.

Cleddau Valley, Fiordland - Südinsel von Neuseeland
Cleddau Valley

Descending into Milford Sound, you’ll pass through this valley of native rainforest.

The Chasm (Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand)
The Chasm

Take a short walk into the forest to see these amazingly powerful waterfalls.