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Milford Sound Eco Tours

Milford Sound is New Zealand’s most famous destination because of its untouched, unspoiled nature. Unsurprisingly, Milford Sound eco tours are very popular as a way to view this pristine natural attraction without adversely affecting the environment.

What are Milford Sound Eco Tours?

In some ways, any Milford Sound tour is an eco tour. This is because it’s a long drive from Queenstown or Te Anau to Milford Sound, and the road is often clogged with rental cars and campervans. Choosing to get to Milford Sound on public transport is a more fuel-efficient way to travel, and better for the environment.

Joining a Milford Sound day tour is a great way to help keep New Zealand ‘clean and green’. By removing cars from the road, you’re helping preserve this ecologically significant place so future visitors can enjoy it too.

Eco Cruises - Milford Sound

Eco Cruises

When you arrive at Milford Sound, cruising the fiord on an eco cruise (also known as a nature cruise) gives you several advantages:

  • Eco cruises are slightly longer than standard cruises, so you’ll have more time to cruise on Milford Sound
  • You’ll get up closer to Milford Sound’s natural features like waterfalls and rocky cliffs
  • You’ll have more of a chance to see and learn about local wildlife
  • The onboard guides on your cruise will tell you more about the geography of the region and point out sites of interest.

A number of companies offer Milford Sound eco tours – take a look at our tour booking page for more information. With a limited number of passengers, you’re assured an intimate experience.

Other Eco Tour Options

Another option is kayaking Milford Sound. Paddling around under your own steam is definitely an eco-friendly way to explore the fiord.