Monkey Creek

Monkey Creek

Monkey Creek is a beautiful spot on the road to Milford Sound. If you’re visiting Milford Sound on a day tour, your driver guide will probably stop here. Stand amid awe-inspiring mountain scenery and experience New Zealand’s pristine environment in a fun and unique way.

Located within the Hollyford Valley, Monkey Creek is a glacier-fed spring with water so pure you can drink it straight from the source. Your driver guide will show you how you can fill up your water bottle from the bubbling brook and enjoy its icy refreshing taste!

You might be wondering how a little spot in Fiordland (where there are definitely no monkeys!) got the name of Monkey Creek? Apparently this area got its name from William Henry Homer’s dog, Monkey! Homer was European settler who worked in the Fiordland area as a surveyor in the 1800s. He himself was the namesake for the Homer Saddle in the Southern Alps, and of course the Homer Tunnel which passes underneath the saddle.

Scenic view of Monkey Creek
Monkey Creek – Milford Sound

As well as the impressive mountains all around and the creek itself, Monkey Creek is a popular place to encounter wildlife on the Milford Road. Rare whio (blue duck) live in the creek, but the carpark is also a common spot to find New Zealand’s alpine parrot, the kea.

Kea are medium-sized birds, growing up to 50cm (19 inches) high. They have olive green plumage, with vivid orange feathers on the underside their wings. These parrots are very clever, but also curious and mischievous, so be careful – they have been known to damage rental cars by pecking at the rubber trim and the side mirrors!

Kea are also an endangered and protected species, so while it’s amusing to watch their antics at Monkey Creek and take photos, please do not feed them or try to get too close. Find out more about kea.