Coach-Cruise-Fly Tours

Drive in and fly out of Milford Sound

Many Milford Sound tour operators offer ways to customise your day, so you can enjoy Milford Sound in your own way. One popular option is to travel to Milford Sound by coach, take a cruise on the fiord, and then return home by air.

Seeing Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park from the air is an exhilarating experience. Soar through the air in a small plane and see all the amazing landscapes you travelled through in the morning – from high above. You can read more about what you’ll see on a Milford Sound scenic flight here.

Milford Sound Coach tour

Coach-cruise-fly tours are a great way to maximise your holiday time. If you’re returning to Queenstown by coach, the return journey travels along the same road. This can be pleasant as it gives you another chance to enjoy the stunning Milford Road scenery… until it gets dark. Then there’s nothing to see! You’ll generally arrive in Queenstown in the evening.

A scenic flight, on the other hand, takes just a couple of hours. This allows you to arrive back much earlier, refreshed and ready to enjoy your evening. You’ll be ready to enjoy Queenstown’s excellent dining options or its nightlife!

After arriving at Queenstown Airport, most Milford Sound scenic flight operators offer a complimentary shuttle back to your accommodation.

Choosing a coach-cruise-fly tour

Of course, scenic flights come at an extra cost, so the decision to book a coach-cruise-fly tour will depend on your budget. Flights are also weather dependent, especially in the winter months. For this reason, many travellers choose to wait until the day of their tour to decide whether they would like to book a scenic flight back to Queenstown, or keep their seat on the coach.

Two of the most popular coach-cruise-fly tours to Milford Sound are run by and GreatSights.