Sailing Milford Sound

Sail the Sound

Experiencing Milford Sound from on board a sailboat is a unique experience. Travelling under sail is always a romantic and thrilling experience compared with a motor vessel, and it’s easy to imagine in this unspoiled environment that you’re one of the early European visitors to the sound, taking it in for the first time in all its glory. In fact, the first visitors came by land, as when Captain Cook first sailed along the coast he didn’t even realise this body of water existed, it’s so well hidden!

If you’re a sailor (or a boatie, as we call them here in New Zealand), you can visit Milford Sound in your own boat. Make sure you prepare for your Milford Sound sailing trip by checking the DOC website.

Remember that Milford Sound is one of 10 marine reserves in the Fiordland National Park area. This means all marine life is protected and disturbing or polluting the environment in any way is not allowed.

You can find out more about booking an overnight sailing cruise on Milford Sound on our cruises page.

Sailing Milford Sound