Visiting Milford Sound with Kids

Family-Friendly guide to visiting Milford Sound

Looking for things to do during the school holidays? Take your family to see New Zealand’s most incredibly scenic natural attraction! Visiting Milford Sound with kids is a fun and memorable day trip. What’s more, it can be a hassle-free experience if you choose one of the many Milford Sound day tours on offer.

Milford Sound day tours include travel from Queenstown or Te Anau in comfortable coaches. Some offer panoramic glass roofs so there’s plenty to see, no matter where you’re sitting on board. Commentary during the tour keeps everyone entertained, and there are plenty of stops along the way.

Milford Sound with Kids
Visit to Eglinton Valley with Kids

Kids will love visiting places like the Eglinton Valley, where there’s room to run around and explore the wide grassy plains bordered by high mountains. The Mirror Lakes with their perfect reflections are also worth visiting on the way to Milford Sound. Another great photo stop if you’re visiting Milford Sound with kids is Monkey Creek, where you can fill your water bottle with pure spring water from the glacier stream.

You can drive to Milford Sound from Queenstown or Te Anau yourself – but bear in mind the risks of travelling along this remote road, especially during the winter months. And trust us, travelling by coach is the most relaxing way to get there. Forget worrying about traffic, keeping your eyes on the road AND dealing with squabbles in the backseat. Just relax, look out the window at the stunning scenery, and enjoy making memories as a family!

Once you get to Milford Sound, the fun’s only just beginning! Board your Milford Sound cruise and set off on a fun family adventure. Kids will love roaming around the decks, watching out for seals and penguins, and watching the scenery glide past. Make sure you dress your little ones in warm, waterproof layers though – some Milford Sound cruises get very close to the surrounding waterfalls!

Ready to visit Milford Sound with your family? Make sure you check out our Milford Sound deals page for the latest Milford Sound tour discounts and tour/cruise packages. Some tour operators have added extra dates during the school holidays to give you more opportunities to visit this amazing natural attraction.

Milford Sound Cruise with Kids
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