Relax and unwind in Milford Sound

Take it slow in the sound

Even when you’re on holiday, it’s easy to overdo things and burn out. Travel fatigue is real, people! And when you’re in Queenstown, the so-called ‘adventure capital of the world’, the temptation to go full throttle 100% of the time is strong. That’s why it’s important to balance your adrenaline-seeking days with some proper escapes to calm your soul.

Yes, Queenstown is a small town, but it’s still a place where you can overload your brain with all the crazy activities on offer, to say nothing of the shopping, dining and nightlife options! If your batteries are in desperate need of recharging, why not consider a day trip to Milford Sound? Perhaps you’re unaware that Milford Sound can be reached in a matter of hours? Or you’ve heard you’ll need to spend all day behind the wheel just to get there? Whatever the reason, visiting Milford Sound on a day trip is the perfect option for anyone in need of some time to relax, unwind and detox.

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Cleddau Valley - Milford Road

Departing Queenstown in the crisp early hours of the morning, leave the sleeping city behind and embark on the journey of a lifetime. The simplistic beauty of still lakes, trickling waterfalls and striking snow capped mountains will be the reset your body and soul have been craving. The fast pace of the city will feel a million miles away, yet in reality you’ve barely left your own backyard. Take regular rest stops at places like Mirror Lakes, Monkey Creek and the Cleddau Valley appreciating their unique beauty. Before you know it, after only a few hours on the road, you’ll arrive at Milford Sound.

A breath of fresh air, Milford Sound will stimulate your senses in every possible way. Inhale the refreshing crisp air, listen to the calming sounds of Mother Nature and see the awe inspiring beauty of Milford Sound with your very own eyes. Soaring mountain peaks, glacier-scarred rock walls and powerful gushing waterfalls will sweep you off your feet. The sights and sounds deep within Milford Sound will certainly give your body and mind the invigorating lift it desperately needed!

Whether you indulge in a cruise on the fiord, follow the walking trails to spectacular lookout points or marvel at the unspoiled beauty from the water’s edge, we can tell you now, you’ll find it hard to believe this stunning place has been here all along… only hours away from the city. Make the most of your time enjoying the serenity and absorbing the natural beauty that Milford Sound is overflowing with.

When reality sinks in and you realise it’s time to say goodbye to Milford Sound and make the trip back to town, you’ll no doubt you’ll feel a tinge of sadness. To cushion the pain, you’ll leave feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and with the knowledge that Milford Sound is easily explored in just one day! For the ultimate in relaxation, book a one day sightseeing tour to Milford Sound. You can sit back, relax in comfort and take in Milford Sound in all its natural glory without a care in the world!

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