Best Milford Sound Photography Locations

Best Photography Locations of Milford Sound

The Milford Sound really has to be seen to be believed! But for your friends and family who cannot make it down to the South Island of New Zealand, fortunately, Piopiotahi and the Fiordland National Park area contain so much natural beauty, there are incredible photo opportunities around every corner.

To help you get the quintessential ‘’From where you’d rather be’’ photo to share on the ‘gram, we have collated a list of the best Milford Sound Photography locations.

Eglinton Valley

The road heading into Milford Sound runs through the stunning Eglington Valley. With steep rocky mountains lining the valley, and yellow tussock grass that covers the ground, stopping for a photo along the long straight of the road is a must-do. Strike a pose with the dramatic sky and golden grass as your backdrop.

Mirror Lakes

Don’t get too settled after stopping in Eglington Valley, a short drive away is the Mirror Lakes, another beautiful photo op halfway to the Milford Sound. The lakes are located a short boardwalk away from the main road, making access to the Lakes wheel-chair friendly, and on rainless and windless days you can see a perfect reflection of the distant Earl Mountains in the water.

Monkey Creek

Along the Milford Sound Highway, you will pass Monkey Creek. Located within the Hollyford Valley, Monkey Creek is a glacier-fed spring with water so pure you can fill your drink bottle from it! Here you may also get the chance to see the rare Blue Duck (Whio), and likely see a Kea, known for hanging around in the parking lot. Make sure to grab a snap from a safe distance and don’t offer your hand to tempt them to get in the frame, the Kea will bite!

Homer Tunnel

Carved by hand after 19 years of construction and opened in 1954, driving through the Homer Tunnel is an experience in itself. Due to its narrowness, the tunnel operates on a one-way traffic light system, so there is plenty of time to capture the beautiful mountain surroundings waiting to enter and exit the Milford Sound. Kea’s can also be seen around here, so keep an eye on your car aerials and window seals while you wait.

Milford Foreshore Walk

Located near the Milford Sound public carpark is a short walk that takes you around the foreshore of the Freshwater Basin. With unimpeded views of Mitre Peak, peeking through the bush is a lookout platform, perfect for capturing the iconic image of Piopiotahi. Visiting around low tide? Keep an eye out for the sandy peninsular off to the right of the Foreshore Walk where the Instagram famous ‘Milford Sound Swing’ is located and grab a sunset swing picture to add to your collection of Milford Sound Photography!

Milford Sound Cruise

It would be criminal to visit the Milford Sound without taking a cruise to explore the towering mountains and waterfalls up close! The permanent Lady Bowen Falls, the Milford Sounds’ highest waterfall at 162m, is located near the cruise terminal so is best captured right at the beginning or the end of the cruise – so have your camera at the ready! Other must-capture features of the Milford Sound include Stirling Falls and Fairy Falls, the latter of which many smaller cruise boats can get up close to so you can experience the spray of the falls outside on the deck! Be sure to keep an eye out for animal encounters – seals can often be seen basking in the sun on ‘Seal Rock’, pods of bottlenose dolphins, or rare Fiordland Crested Penguins can also be found at times.

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